The minister says he had nothing to do with the decision by municipalities to deposit millions with VBS Mutual Bank.
A consortium of banks has granted Eskom a loan which the power utility says indicates their confidence in its turnaround plan.
The PSA says the PIC has betrayed workers by agreeing to grant Eskom a R5 billion loan.
As one of Steinhoff's biggest shareholders, the GEPF and the PIC want to monitor Steinhoff's investigation.
Parliament's standing committee on finance will make its final decision on the use of PIC funds to aid ailing SOEs before the end of November.
The modus operandi in the attack on the Public Investment Corporation seems to be the same as the offensive on Pravin Gordhan and Sars.
The deputy president has urged unions to safeguard the PIC.
Here are the best videos from the final week of September 2017. **Grabs popcorn**
PIC boss now playing the "fake news" card.
"We read about these things in the media," his deputy said.