Alcohol is a wonderful preservative. Most beverages themselves are a means of carrying through crops through times of surplus into times of scarcity. Grain would rot and bread would stale, but beer, and particularly Whisky was easier to transport, provided a greater range of nutrients and crucially, would not spoil.
For a country that pickles virtually anything, including lemons and walnuts (and a portion of the population pickles itself with that daily after-work stop at the pub!), it astonishes me that most people here seem to detest pickles.
Eric Pickles' department has been reprimanded by the Whitehall spending watchdog after running up an unauthorised overdraft
Councils are to be given stronger powers to stop the setting up of illegal travellers' sites, in a bid to stop another case
You may assume that the Daily Mail would welcome George Osborne's announcement that Council Tax would be frozen for the second