Picture of the Day

On behalf of picture editors and online journalists everywhere, we'd like to tip our hat to French artist Mathieu Tremblin
A tip of the hat to our American cousins over the Pond at Huffington Post Comedy for alerting us to this gem which, as they
Look, everyone - it's a candid shot of full-time US president/part-time wizard Barack Obama staring into his crystal ball
Compare and contrast their amazing facial fur! Cats who look like David Beckham... Whatever next - otters who look like Benedict
It's world Panda Awareness Week, and what better way to celebrate that fact than to get 108 people to dress up in panda outfits
Yesterday's Picture Of The Day was that lazy beast Larry, the Downing Street cat. Larry: think you've got it tough? Check
A 21-year-old woman from Zlin in the Czech Republic, high on super strength cannabis, was photographed climbing a 40ft electricity
Why did the duck cross the road? To be with with his 4,999 pals. Also: because two Chinese farmers were carrying a couple
Ladies and gentlemen, we present: the aptly named 'Insano' in Fortaleza, Brazil - the tallest water slide in the world. It’s
Smart? Yes. Ingenious? Yes. Awesome? Most definitely. This photograph is doing the rounds on the Internet - we spotted it