PJ Harvey

The musician claimed that drugs were a problem during their relationship in the 90s.
I've just returned from Iceland Airwaves, an international music festival and industry meeting point I've long wanted to
I've been delighted that my teenage daughters have fallen in love with music in the same way I did. They go to gigs all the time. Occasionally they are frustrated by a band they want to see playing a club with age restricted access. But it doesn't happen often, and never with outdoor shows - until this summer, when I was told they're not welcome at a particular festival because they're under 18.
Polly Harvey is my best friend and I know her to be meticulous and considered in everything she does. The amazing line up of guests for Today she was able to draw from is testament to how well thought of she is.
The consensus among the programme's critics is that the music-icon organised several hours of tiresome leftist drivel - the word left has been echoed again and again. Behind this criticism is a stance that is both dangerous and ingenious at the same time.
PJ Harvey took the reins on the Today programme on Thursday morning - and caused quite a stir. Julian Assange was put in
Singer PJ Harvey has chosen Julian Assange as a thought-provoking guest to appear on Radio 4's Today programme. The WikiLeaks
PJ Harvey, in her masterpiece Let England Shake, in a more considered fashion directly challenges the establishment, "How is our glorious country ploughed? Not by iron ploughs. Our land is ploughed by tanks and feet. Feet marching. Oh America, oh England."
Adele has continued her triumphant reign of this year's music awards by picking up another two gongs at the Ivor Novello
Some of the biggest names in the music business are expected to be at the Ivor Novello Awards on Thursday. The annual awards