They say nothing influences you as much as music does during your teenage years. You might not understand your parents, school
Some say placebos are so powerful they cure almost anything, while others say they barely work. To sceptics, believing in
Noting a case in which she administered tiny doses of a solution containing "common table-salt" in which there wasn't "a single saline property left", she reportedly cured a patient who had been "sinking in the last stage of typhoid fever".
Placebo's and the mind body connection are one of medicine's hot topics right now. It's so popular it was even the subject of last night's hour long BBC horizon documentary. This is really exciting for me as it's a field I've been researching into for the last three decades. In that time I've stumbled across some really fascinating bits of research that make you think about life and health very differently.
"The placebo effect is real, quantifiable and in fact you're doing quite well with an active therapy if you can get as good a response as the placebo response," said Professor Jon Stoessl, director of the Pacific Parkinson's Research Centre at the University of British Columbia.
Do you ever feel when Prince Charles's name comes up, that you must be going slightly mad?
Irving Kirsh has been studying placebos for 36 years and says mere sugar pills can treat irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers and Parkinson's disease - and now he says they've been curing all manner of mental health illnesses for years.