Kim Kardashian has shared her experience of eating her own placenta after the birth of Saint West. The mum-of-two tweeted
Although the majority of us might be saying, "ewww, no way would I eat that!", it's fast becoming a trend with celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian and January Jones tucking in. So, does that mean we all should?
Eating your own placenta does not benefit your health, or protect you against depression, new research has found. Claims
A new mother has opted to repurpose her placenta by blending it into some kind of Sweeney-Todd-inspired smoothie. Kati, who
Unless it happened while we weren't looking, we're pretty sure the world hasn't entered some kind of post-apocalyptic era
Outlandish-sounding anti-ageing treatments almost always have, for me, Elizabeth Bathory connotations or remind me of the
Are you amongst the small number of parents who are thinking about what is still an unusual and some might say repugnant practice of helping reduce the risk of post-natal depression and increase your 'happy' hormones? ... There is a growing trend for placentophagy - the act of mammals eating the placenta.
Huddled in its still-intact amniotic sac, this newly delivered baby is unaware it has even been born. The captivating snap
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A placenta from a premature baby boy was found discarded in woodland by a dog walker is "definitely human", a police investigation