Planet Earth 2

Telling stories that inspire must be at the heart of getting people back into nature and captivating the next generation. Films and radio produced by the Natural History Unit will without any doubt play an essential role in allowing us to see the sheer beauty and diversity of wildlife around the world and getting us in to nature in our own backyard.
In my 13 years at the BBC, there have been many highly talented female wildlife film producers to draw inspiration from, including Martha Holmes (The Blue Planet) and Vanessa Berlowitz (Frozen Planet, Planet Earth). Many among the commissioning team and controllers for science and natural history have been female - indeed the current head of BBC content is a woman, Charlotte Moore.
The second series of ‘Planet Earth’ has entranced millions with its depictions of the most resourceful, and mischief-making
Sunday night (11 December) will see the final episode of ‘Planet Earth II’ screened, and a member of the series’ production
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If you thought the sound effects on ‘Planet Earth II’ were real, it turns out the BBC have been tricking you.  Show bosses