“Action Nan”, otherwise known as Pat Smith, is an environmental campaigner, combing the beaches of Cornwall with many other volunteers, cleaning up the plastics that have gone to waste. But she also tries to cut it off at the source by trying to encourage local businesses to stop their use.
Plastic straws, cotton buds and drink stirrers are to be banned in the UK. The hope is that straw usage will reduce from 4.7 billion to only 44 million per year.
Fossils of plastic will create a permanent record of our throwaway culture, scientist warns.
The bags will be in all stores by the end of the summer 🌱
There will be free refill stations in every major English city and town by 2021.
'I lost count of how many birds I witnessed choking on cigarette lighters, toothbrushes, bottle caps, and other plastic junk'.
In one week, the Green Party and former Asda boss Andy Clarke have come to the same conclusion: we have to end the use of unnecessary single-use plastics. That perhaps surprising political convergence is a sign of just how far the issue has risen up the agenda.
We need a strong vision that brings together businesses, policymakers, philanthropists, NGOs and society when aiming at creating change. The New Plastics Economy provides such a vision. It is based on a new way of thinking about plastics as an effective global material flow, aligned with the principles of the circular economy. It aims to harness the benefits of plastics while addressing its drawbacks, delivering drastically better economic and environmental outcomes.