play dates

The flurry of wearing different uniform, packing a brand new lunchbox creates some excitement, but for many the overwhelming sensation is uncertainty. Will there be nice teachers? Who will sit next to me? Will there be more homework? Will the lessons be harder? Will the other children like me?
A new friend for your child - and a new friend for you. It's a win-win
When your child is a toddler and still learning to speak, ‘mine’ and ‘me’ are two of the first phrases they’ll ever learn
So apparently, sending out invites for Play Dates is a thing now. A card would save me the cringe-fest of saying the phrase out loud, I suppose, which totally makes my teeth itch. So twee! And it smacks of a type of hyper-scheduled, Alpha-parenting I'll never achieve.
So we've made it to half term! We've had no tears or major tantrums and the boy seems to be enjoying himself. He is however getting tired and I fear the novelty may be wearing off. He keeps asking, "Where am I going today?" When I answer "School darling", he looks forlorn and exclaims "What again? I have been to school a lot you know."