I'm fortunate to work alongside amazing students and staff who are changing the world on a daily basis. UK universities have a lot to offer UK Plc, and can help us steer safely through the choppy waters ahead.
In just a few years, crowdfunding - in which people, rather than banks, provide finance to individuals and companies - has grown from nothing into a multi-billion pound industry in the UK. And the rest of the world has noticed.
Holding executives responsible for the quality of their people is critical to an organisation's performance. Talent should be the responsibility of the whole business; it is too important a resource to be confined to one department.
As Chancellor George Osborne stated at the beginning of the year, the payments systems sit at the heart of the banking system. They are the invisible networks that allow your wages to be paid into your bank account and withdraw money from cash points.
A hundred years will pass in the blink of an eye. And when it does, nobody will be worried about whether we're Scots, English, Irish or Welsh. We'll just be people who used to belong to a great nation but are now too poorly skilled, under-qualified and unproductive to bother about.
Just imagine, you've taken a snapshot of the world population and put 100 people in a giant plastic dome for a year or two to see how they get on.
The obvious conclusion is that we live in a world of marked contrasts, of haves and have-nots and the have-nots are in the majority. The disadvantaged, malnourished and impoverished dominate the totals while the minority enjoy relative affluence in terms of good shelter, food, clean water, warmth, power services, health and wealth.
As youth unemployment hurtled over the one million mark this week so began the usual round of accusations and navel gazing about what to do about unemployment amongst 16-24yr olds.
If I were an (alien) investor, looking to invest in Planet Earth Plc, I'd need to do my 'due diligence' as is customary in any business transaction. I would need to investigate and evaluate the business and relevant aspects of the past, present and predictable future of the opportunity.
When it comes to the business world, young people have a problem. UK PLC is keeping them at arms length. The perception is that they're poorly educated, unmotivated and lacking in drive. In short employing young people is seen as a risk.