So I implore you to join me, Bremainers and Inbretweeners: add a 'B' to the 'Remain' on your ballot paper. Let's truly stick two fingers up to, not just the concept, but the word 'Brexit'. Except don't, because your vote won't count.
Andrew Mitchell has accused the police of "marking their own homework" after one of the officers who pursued him over the
The Sun has used the Human Rights Act to win an important legal victory to protect press freedom against the police. The
Two Police Federation officials will face disciplinary hearings following claims they gave misleading accounts of a meeting
A spokesman for the Rupert Murdoch-owned newspaper told The Huffington Post UK this morning: "Do I have to give The HuffPo
In the first 10 days of #CameronMustGo trending on Twitter there have been in excess of half a million tweets using the hashtag. Behind in the polls, with Ukip snapping at his ankles like a Pekingese, the mass vote of no confidence in the prime minister is the last thing he needs as he hurtles towards the general election...
Made these comments... It was the week we saw the aftermath of that tweet about that house on the day of that by election
Andrew Mitchell has found an attention-grabbing character witness in his bid to convince a court - and the world - that he
Media law analyst David Banks told HuffPost UK that the Sun's claim that the HRA's failure to prevent the seizure of phone
A Scotland Yard report on the "plebgate" saga shows "industrial levels of dishonesty by police working in Downing Street
Here are the five things you need to know on Wednesday 4 June 2014... 1) QUEEN DEFENDS ZOMBIES From the Telegraph's editorial
The police officer at the centre of the Plebgate row is demanding up to £200,000 in compensation from former Cabinet minister
The 'Plebgate' row involving Andrew Mitchell MP, who resigned following his alleged use of the derogatory term, reopened the wounds of a heated debate about the British class system... Whether Mr Mitchell uttered the word or not, 'Plebgate' is a microcosm of the injustice faced by millions because of where they come from and the opportunities available to them.
Here are the five things you need to know on Wednesday 12 February 2014... 1) 'MONEY IS NO OBJECT' Austerity doesn't work
A former policeman at the centre of the "plebgate" row has said officers on duty at the gates of Downing Street have been
Three Downing Street police officers arrested on suspicion of accessing extreme hardcore pornography on their mobile phones
Three police officers from the unit in charge of protecting Downing Street have been arrested on suspicion of accessing hardcore
Pc Keith Wallis, who lied about witnessing the Plebgate row, was jailed for 12 months at the Old Bailey today for misconduct
A series of high-profile blunders has left more than a quarter of Britons not trusting the police, a new poll has revealed
Three police officers are challenging the legality of an investigation into their conduct in the Plebgate affair, it has