Did things end well? Or not so well, and you explain the animosity by declaring that they were 'out of their mind', 'crazy' or 'unhinged'? This kind of language is harmful and enormously disrespectful of people with mental health problems, so we wouldn't normally use it - but here it's important to use those labels.
I may not have listened to all quarter of a million podcasts that are out there as of yet (there are 99 languages that I'm yet to master), but I'm confident that I'm more qualified than most... So let's get cracking, here are my five essential podcasts that I recommend you should download immediately.
Here are the steps I followed in the hope I help other people who are thinking of starting their own podcast to just get it out there! If you do start a podcast please do come and say 'hi' and we can support each other on our exciting podcasting journeys!
This week sees the return of my comedy podcast series The John Dredge Nothing To Do With Anything Show to the British Comedy
Although its $50 billion App Store stats might be a little sexier, Apple has announced a major milestone for that forgotten