When you're feeling overwhelmed or sad, it's incredibly easy to feel alone in this, and think that no one else would ever understand. But what I've found in poetry is that these very emotions and confused states of being you thought were so unusual and isolated to you, have been in fact the topic of address for many decades, and probably will continue to be so.
Sabina Benaim suffers from depression. But it's something her mum just doesn't understand. To try and vocalise her thoughts
Eventually, determined to solve the mystery, I pushed a card through the man's door, explaining that I loved his signs. I asked if I could write an article about him, and gave him my contact details.
Poetweet is a remarkable website that looks through your tweets and turns them into strangely beautiful surrealist poetry
Poems about the everyday: There were poems about animals: There were even tweets that appealed for us to think of others
John Bercow has been getting tons of letters from the public, pouring scorn on parliament's "nodding donkeys" and "sneering
As part of this year's Poetry International festival, London's own Southbank Centre teamed up with the bosses of Filmpoem, PoetryFilm, and the Zebra Poetry Film Festival to launch, a competition for short films based on poems.
We give Rudyard Kipling's classic poem a modern-day - and English - slant. (Created by David Schneider, Very British Problems
The Poetry Storehouse has an excellent idea - to do for poetry what has worked so well for software, by making some of it "open source". They are gathering text and audio recordings of poetry, released by the author under a Creative Commons license.
It's Poetry Day So we're searching on Twitter For tweets that do rhyme And will make us all titter And if you are trying
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Romero brings his poetic oratory together with a white background: he only wants you to hear the words. With a great focus on the language, his spoken words usually tends to focus on the words themselves, the dynamics of tone, facial expressions and body language. Actions, sometimes speak far louder in a performance.
I first got into Spoken Word around 2001. I was a part of a DJ outfit & we used to play Funk/Hip Hop/Garage/R&B at clubs up and down the UK (And even hit Ibiza). We were planning a special Valentine's night & there was this guy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend by reading her a poem.
The most immediately striking thing about an evening of spoken word is the almost tangible electricity in the air. No one is quite sure what to expect because every act differs in tone, delivery, style and content which turns the evening into a mad up and down trajectory of individuals pouring their hearts and minds into a microphone for an appreciative audience.
Poetry for me is now gloriously blurred with colours, images, musics, streaming video, satellites. It is time to give it a new name. It is no longer 'hard', it is not elitist, it is not rarefied or magical or the arena of a select few, it is a safe environment to play with anything you want, without boundaries or judgement.
There are so many wonderful American poets who have not achieved the fame (or notoriety) sufficient to carry their names or poems across the pond. Here are five such diamonds in the rough, selected for their energy, tenacity, and all-around fine work, that are worth keeping an eye on in the coming year.
You're old, but your ever-changing looks say otherwise, you're gorgeous - one could say you're addicted to plastic surgery; I've always said it's a bad habit. Metallic was never your colour. You've never really listened to me.
If you like to think of your poems as horses (as I do), this is anyone's race.
What makes a good poem? How the hell can I write one? And even if I did - what's the point!? All valid questions, particularly
The seasons have long been a source of inspiration for poets and writers and there are plenty of verses about what's currently