The announcement that Prince Philip is to retire from Royal duties in the summer marks the end of an era for the 95-year
Australians have been transfixed by the unfolding drama.
The Washington Post story on the phone call shot to the top of the nation’s trending topics on Twitter, and was plastered
Many people saw the result as a victory for the far-right.  Demographics show a clear age split in the vote with older people
Read more on The Huffington Post Another side of the hashtag however called for the will of the majority to be respected
People in India enjoy asking questions. "Why aren't you eating anything?" a waiter accuses me when I order a cup of tea. "Are you on a diet? You're thin, no need to do that." I am used to keeping to myself, but in India no one takes any notice of that. Strangers talk to me all the time, when I'm on a bus or train or while standing in a queue