pole dancing

Scrap metal artist created two pole dancing robots which debuted at the strip club, Sapphires, alongside the annual CES show being held in Las Vegas.
As of October 2017 pole dancing is now officially recognised as a sport, so what does it really take to train to be one? Cheryl
Pole dancing could appear in the Olympic games.
Once hidden in risqué clubs, pole dancing has transcended to high class fitness studios in recent years and now, it’s officially
'It’s empowering feeling so strong.'
A size 24 woman is proving pole dancing is for anyone at any size by refusing to let critics knock her confidence.  Jamie
I can climb a pole. I'm pretty good at climbing poles. The kind of money I made climbing poles at Spearmint Rhino put me in the highest tax bracket for six years straight. I can climb that pole like a pro. You hang upside down and you twist your body around as you remove your dress.
Watching the routine on This Morning, Kenny said: "It's got connotations to something far more salubrious. "And even the
But Wright did add a wise word of caution to the above shot, writing: "Do not attempt this at home." A mum has taken the