pole dancing

A university science lecturer has proved you can have both brains and brawn - after scooping a Miss Pole Dance UK prize. Amy
Having pole danced for more than five years now, I've met many different women from many different backgrounds, and the thing that has really opened my eyes, is that they have many different motivations.
So Christmas is over and if like me you're feeling like you've eating one too many mince pies or had a few too many party cocktails, here are some tips to get you back on track.
A university has banned pole dancing classes because the exercise is "inextricably linked to the sex industry", according
Attempting to link pole fitness classes and societies with violence against women is both completely wrong and very dangerous. To blame violence against women by men on the actions of these women who choose to partake in pole fitness classes is effectively buying into the rape culture of passing blame onto women.
Look up 'girl power' in the dictionary and you'll probably find a picture of Finnish pole dancer Oona Kivelä. In 2012 she
A video of half-naked female Israeli soldiers dancing around a rifle has emerged online - just days after the country’s army
At 65, Cecylia Metcalfe is the oldest pole dancer in Britain -- but she says she feels younger than ever. Cecylia, from Durham
Women's liberation has been turned back 40 years by a new "raunch culture" that has led to "beauty pageants" being staged
Pole dancing has a reputation as being a sleazy activity - but watching the competitors at the World Pole Dancing Championship