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The main excuse seemed to be 'she was young'. Sure, we all did stupid things when were young. But no - we didn't all make violent homophobic and racist remarks on a public forum. We didn't openly attack people for their sexuality or skin colour.
Britain's new police commissioners are under fire for handing top jobs to the "cronies" that helped them get elected. Rows
Almost 90% of people cannot name their local police commissioner after a "bungled" election, according to a new report. The
The recent elections of police commissioners in the UK, or more specifically in England and Wales, are a brilliant example
An in-depth investigation into dire voter turnout at the polls for police and crime commissioners is being launched by an
As low turnouts continue to be recorded across the country, Conservative MP Conor Burns has said that he believes the Tory
The Police and Crime Commissioner elections have drawn shockingly low turnouts across the country and in some extreme cases
It is not as if politicians are more trusted than the police - a 2011 Ipsos Mori poll on which professions are most trusted - puts police well ahead of politicians in the list of those most trusted by the public. So we are putting people in charge of police who are less trusted by the public than the police themselves and this is meant to increase public confidence!
We will be electing new Police Commissioners next month. They have a unique opportunity to reduce crime. But that can only happen if simple questions on what crime is being committed, where it is being committed and by who are answered based on evidence. Otherwise real issues could be lost in political correctness.
Former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott is hitting the road on Thursday to launch his bid to become the country's highest