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There is little doubt, as has been made abundantly clear by the head of MI5 Andrew Parker, that the UK will suffer terrorist attacks in the future. The major difference however is that unlike France, terrorists in the UK will be faced by a largely unarmed police force which, in many parts of the country, could pose serious problems.
A teenage boy with complex learning difficulties has been Tasered by police in the grounds of a special school owned by the
In 1979, newly recruited policewoman, Asha Hassan Hussein, was the first female to ride a police motorcycle to patrol the streets of Mogadishu.
Chief Whip Andrew Mitchell's political career is hanging in the balance as he faces calls to quit after being accused of
A police officer who was cleared of killing Ian Tomlinson during the G20 protests will face force disciplinary proceedings
Four in 10 female police officers have seriously considered quitting because of a lack of morale, much of which has focussed
PC David Rathband, the officer found dead in a suspected suicide on Thursday morning, 'struggled' to live with his injuries
Senior police chief Tony Melville, from Gloucestershire Police, has spoken out to warn that cuts to his force's budget will
Two police officers have been sacked for making abusive comments on Facebook since 2009, it has emerged. One officer based
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- A 24-hour strike by civilian staff at a police force has started. The Nottinghamshire Police employees