police officers

And I can only agree. The one slither of silver lining is that our police officers don't carry guns like the trigger-happy Americans. Or the Savages of this world would be trying to justify bloodshed, instead of broken windscreens. However, rest assured that the mental wounds inflicted by officers like Savage run deep.
Trust between police and public in the US is, according to recent polling, at a record low. However, that discord was not
Police handled a terrifying situation in the best possible way after being confronted by an frenzied knife-wielding man. Lee
A Police Officer has pleaded guilty to a charge of offering to supply cocaine. Appearing at at Derby Crown Court on Thursday
Police cells should stop being used to detain mentally ill people, a police body has said, with one minister calling the
A Norfolk fisherman has described his fury after police broke into his parked car believing the flies buzzing around his
Police officers should be crime fighters not form fillers. The desire to reduce the paperwork is shared by serving officers, David Cameron and was stated in the Home Office's Policing in the 21st Century White Paper.
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Twenty-two police officers have been injured during rioting in Northern Ireland. Baton rounds were fired