Police Pay

The starting salary for a police constable will be slashed by £4,000 to £19,000 as part of a package of controversial reforms
The Home Secretary is to respond to proposed reforms of police conditions that include a salary cut for new starters and
David Cameron is seeking to contain government spending which will include the police. How do negotiations between government and police play out to achieve a favourable solution that keeps both parties happy?
The Police Federation should not be jumping the gun and playing politics with public safety. It is a necessary and healthy part of the negotiations that they are advocating strongly for their members, but to so at the expense of public safety is a step too far.
Most people are wise enough to know that every healthy society needs a good serving of carrots: sweet, little offerings at the side of the yob's societal plate that reminds him/her that if they behave, pudding will be forthcoming.