Policy conference

It is imperative that South Africa remains as a member of the ICC and continues to advocate for meaningful structural changes within the ICC.
Joel Netshitenzhe refuses to back down after saying the party's conference rejected the idea.
The party is consumed by unintelligible policy debates and indecipherable rhetoric. And it's stumped by state capture.
You may need, however, to first radically transform your own budget to get your hands on some of these undeniably dazzling items.
The long-serving secretary general of the ANC has tried -- but failed -- to modernise the party. He's caught in a vortex of state capture and inertia.
The contrast between this year's policy conference and the ANC's first one in 1990 could not be starker.
Gwede Mantashe's report about what's ailing the ANC doesn't seems to be much more than shadow boxing.
President Jacob Zuma threw down the gauntlet on Friday, attacking enemies and praising friends.
Blow-by-blow updates from the team there.
The ANC says civil society organisations have been invited to the its policy conference . . . but we can't find them.