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Northern Ireland's donations loophole is hardly an exception to the rule. Dark money runs throughout our political system. Existing rules that are meant to promote transparency are simply not comprehensive enough, and so long as loopholes exist, they will continue to be exploited, exploit them and political parties will be happy to help them along.
Employment minister Esther McVey has come under fire for accepting a £10,000 donation from the millionaire boss of a high
It seemed a bizarre choice for a woman's legacy - to swell the coffers of whichever political party was in government at
This week Ed Miliband heralded the biggest Labour Party reforms for a generation to strengthen the connection with millions of individual working people... In marked contrast, and using language that is a throwback to the old Tory party, David Cameron offers nothing but an attack on Labour's trade union links.
Ukip insists it is not in debt - despite "throwing the kitchen sink" at its local election campaign. The party has also taken
Britain's 90th richest man, and eponymous founder of the Peter Cruddas Foundation, dedicated to the "development of... lasting
David Cameron has published a full list of those "significant" Tory party donors who have dined in Downing Street, some of
Over half of the donations received by the Conservative Party in the last year were from the financial services sector, a