political gaffes

When it comes to gaffes on social media, politicians have proved themselves no better than ordinary punters, and in many
He's just come under fire for making a "patronising" St Patrick's Day message (see video below). But is this latest gaffe
Godfrey Bloom's unique way with words has landed him with the Plain English Campaign's "Foot in Mouth" award 2013. The former
David Cameron left his official ministerial box on a train table while he was travelling to a wedding, according to reports
It's been a great year for mocking politicians. This most joyous of pastimes was easily done from the comfort of your own
Ken Livingstone's been on the warpath this week, firstly sparking outrage and accusations of homophobia for his comments
Vince Cable this morning labelled those attempting to block the rise in America's debt ceiling as "rightwing nutters". He