political parties

The unstable political environment has a massive influence on our economy, there is still time to turn this around.
When it comes to the fight between liberals, social democrats and conservatives, politics is more a battle of ideas than it is morals. Few people in politics are truly reprehensible, nearly all of us are seeking to make things better - we are each other's ideological opponents not enemies. We must critically engage and learn from one another, partisanship will tear us apart - it's time to relieve it from office.
The R150m allocated to political parties is a 'pittance' says ANC Chief Whip Jackson Mthembu.
1 in 10 South Africans believed foreign powers were in charge of South Africa in the last election.
Political parties have traditionally rarely cared about young people, because young people don't tend to vote. Why don't we vote? Well, that'll be because nobody's representing our interests, and nobody's representing our interests because there are no votes in it. It's a vicious cycle, and one that's not going to be halted unless something changes.
Once upon a time in the United States, political parties ruled the political landscape. They internally nominated candidates, mounted campaign operations, and were held collectively responsible for the successes and failures of government. In recent decades, however, the relevance of the traditional two-party system has steadily declined.
If Theresa May means what she says about her government being for all and not just the "privileged few", then she needs to direct her attention to addressing this sense of powerlessness that is sweeping the nation.
If we really care about ending violence against women, we have to listen to all women. I only hope the Women's Equality Party bears that in mind. Realising the limitations and inaccuracies of the phrase 'both sexes' would be a good starting point.
With 194 marginal seats in the UK, needing only a 5% change in behaviour for them to switch allegiance, the party that has utilised effective online marketing campaigns targeted at voters in these constituencies could have helped provide a deciding factor in these last couple of weeks of the campaign.
In less than two weeks' time, the general election ballot boxes will be back in storage (though few would dare predict for how long). And then, sometime after 7th May, the UK will have a new government.