Political Rhetoric

In her speech, Theresa May said that "the Tories must win the battle of ideas again." But perhaps it is not only the Tories that must win the battle of ideas within the nation, but within their own party. For in this moment, these two competing ideas of post-Brexit Britain, the lion and the servant cannot sustain the standoff. Lions often eat unaware but dutiful servants and dutiful servants, often kill lions. Before the current prime minister can carry out her vision of dutifully serving the nation, she needs to win the battle of ideas within her own party.
Perhaps this kind of thing, rather than Trump's trash, is more along the lines of what Macron has in mind?
Don't feel despondent and don't give up. The old adage 'never discuss religion or politics in polite company' has never seemed more irrelevant or irresponsible. We need to talk about Trump and we need to start new conversations. I refuse to believe it's too late.
As we approach the end of the party conference season in UK politics, I am the only one left feeling that the age of the great political orator in this country has sadly passed?
Monday's decision by the Speaker to eject veteran left-wing MP Dennis Skinner from the Commons, after the latter called the
Having grumbled previously about Nick Clegg's past attempts to imitate David Cameron's walkabout apparently unscripted style
Over the last few months, some surprising and high-profile events have taken place in the world, economically and politically