Political Thrillers

Dennis Haysbert will be a familiar face to millions of fans of '24', where he played US senator later president David Palmer
If the nation were threatened with the prospect of overwhelming attack, someone knows what to do, right? Because there’s
Adam Rayner is the latest British actor to hope to walk in the footsteps of Damian Lewis - with the lead role in a US-funded
'A Most Wanted Man', starring the late Philip Seymour Hoffman, hits cinemas this Friday. The film is based on the thriller
When the BBC do it right, they do it superbly, as with 'The Honourable Woman' - an engrossing political thriller AND family
'Salting the Battlefield' was the last in David Hare's Worricker Trilogy, bringing Bill Nighy's dapper MI5 agent back home
At last, someone can explain why something ends up a TV programme and something ends up as a film. The reason for asking
When Egyptian’s biggest film star Amr Waked walked to Tahrir Square on 10 February 2011, it was the midst of the protest