Old folk are not welcome in politics. Just look at the ruthless decapitation of Ming Campbell by the Liberal Democrats, preferring to replace the old man with a "younger leader who might connect more with voters; look at the mud slung at John McCain around the fear that he might die in office.
The other day I tuned into BBC Radio Five Live to be greeted with the sounds of yelling, laughing and the occasional vain plea to calm down. I assumed it was some kind of report from a local school playground where children ran boisterously, giving one another wedgies and playing Kisschase with the skinny girls. Turned out it was Prime Minister's Questions.
At a time when our country faces some very difficult decisions about what we should do about public finances, hardly anyone trusts those who are leading the way ahead.
Come on Mr. Cameron, the Health and Social Care bill is bad; there are better ways to reform the NHS, listen to the health professionals. Abandon the bill; it is a good U-turn that is also likely to improve your party's chances of re-election.
Congratulations, Mitt Romney, you're a proper presidential hopeful now. After all, getting egg/flour/shoes/glitter thrown
Anyone who's been listening to British politicians over the last few years could be forgiven if they drew the conclusion that all of Britain's problems stem from banks and immigrants.
As we enter 2012, a growing majority of people are living close to the breadline - and in some cases are living beneath it. This contraction in living standards is not something that we in the western world have experienced for a long time.
It's a fundamental paradox: why are business leaders refusing to do the thing that they know they most should?
Britain is only ever four meals away from anarchy. So says MI5 and they know a thing or two about public order
The direct and indirect consequences of drugs policy are often overlooked, and it's at the cost of a healthy community. The drug war has served as a whipping horse for politics and an evidence based strategy has been discarded.