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I've never found it that easy to know what the 'right' question is when confronting an issue, it has always been more of a visceral search in the dark, guided by instinct rather than reason. But, following on from my last piece, it isn't just the questions that are important, why and how you frame an argument can be absolutely critical and have unintended consequences.
That Sheerman is permitted to hold such a position shows a clear disconnect between the rules defining and regulating lobbying as set out by the government, and the reality of what is happening in the industry. Sheerman is not violating the MPs' Code of Conduct, which explicitly prohibits MPs from becoming "paid advocates".
As leader of the Liberal Democrats, Vince Cable has an opportunity to re-brand the party. He will be starting with a clean slate and can carve out distinctive new policies. During the election, I left the Conservatives and joined the Liberal Democrats, but a lot of my friends, and people I talk to, are confused about what the party stands for.
Is it possible to write anything on Brexit that hasn't already been said?
Credit: Jay Allen. Copyright: Crown Copyright So here we have it. A year after the United Kingdom's decision to leave the
From the very moment we are conceived, the government are influencing our lives. It does not pay to be apolitical, and now is the time to fight for policies that we feel can have a huge difference in helping the people of Britain.
The world must be dealt with how it is, not how we might like it to be. We are a civilisation seeking peace but swimming in chaos.
Our leaders must remember that immigrants have created some of our largest companies, built America's global dominance and if we created barriers to bringing talent to the US the likes of Apple and Google wouldn't exist today. The immigrants who did important, world-changing things did them here because this country welcomed them and that's what makes America so great!
Northern Ireland's donations loophole is hardly an exception to the rule. Dark money runs throughout our political system. Existing rules that are meant to promote transparency are simply not comprehensive enough, and so long as loopholes exist, they will continue to be exploited, exploit them and political parties will be happy to help them along.
In the turbulent early 60s when it seemed like the world was about to literally explode, Bob Dylan was scribbling away. The