By accepting New Clause 2 of the Finance Bill today, Mr Hammond can send a powerful message that Britain expects all those who make money from trading on our shores to pay their taxes here. In the process he could raise at least £6bn to plug the growing gap in his spending plans. Contrary to what you may have been told money can grow on trees-it's just in this instance their roots are overseas.
Football could become the unorthodox but fertile ground for the struggle for LGBTQI rights. The huge platforms of top players, and the mass reach of fans, have the potential to shape the views of the current and next generation, on and off the pitch.
Britain is a "Christian nation" and militant atheists should "get over it", according to Communities Secretary Eric Pickles
Fifa and the national football associations of the UK should put pressure on Qatar to improve the "sub-human" working conditions
Britons are far more concerned about the migration of Bulgarians and Romanians than their European counterparts, according
Nigel Farage has been in Scotland for less than a day but his party Ukip has already come under fire after sending a campaign
Support for the UK Independence Party has reached a record 19%, according to a poll which saw both Labour and the Tories
George Osborne has insisted his plan is working, telling business leaders "now is not the time to lose our nerve". Spending
David Cameron has said British enterprise needs to up its game in the face of growing competition from developing nations
David Cameron is bringing Boris Johnson's younger brother Jo into Downing Street as his head of policy, it has emerged. Jo
Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg has admitted his party is not diverse enough and says there needs to be more Lib Dem role
Margaret Thatcher has died aged 87 following a stroke. The first female Prime Minister of Great Britain, her legacy will
On the same day the Chancellor comes under extreme scrutiny for next year's Budget, George Osborne has chosen to join Twitter
Budget 2013 live : Follow George Osborne's announcement here with our 'At A Glance' guide to all the big decisions on the
David Cameron urged restive Tories to focus their energies on fighting Labour as he sought to quell unrest among activists
Cameron will seek to reassure restive Tory activists by promising to foster "aspiration" and give school sport a £150 million
Nick Clegg is to draw on Thatcher's legacy to accuse his Tory coalition partners of being untrustworthy in a conference speech
The mayor of Middlesbrough has said children from troubled families should be targeted "in the womb" to stop problems in
George Osborne has been thwarted in his efforts to avert a controversial cap on bankers' bonuses. The Chancellor headed to
Another councillor in Cornwall is facing a backlash after saying there were "too many disabled children" and referring to