Pop Culture

The unquantifiable currency of cool is elusively directed by politics, pop culture, and that one kid on the playground. But we've used it to measure the world around us since we were little things. What is its relationship with being politically correct?
Whether it is film, music, comedy, art, literature or theatre, Thatcher has been a constant source of fascination for creative individuals from all corners.
For while the actions of Grieg and Christian were certainly deplorable, they are also far from uncommon in the modern media industry. Nor is the exploitation of humiliation and shame something novel to to the culture of entertainment.
Mr. Cowell, if you are reading this, we all love music, but even The Beatles didn't have the impact that the Internet has. I
Every now and then, a bit of slang comes along that draws a line between young and old, in 2012, that slang term was "YOLO". For those of you who don't know; the term YOLO was popularised by US rapper Drake and it stands for "You Only Live Once".
Ben Westbeech's Something for the Weekend is one of the most irritating of the videos, in my opinion. Not only does it objectify women, but it also plays with typical porn-style lesbian fantasies.
Amidst Madonna getting her bits out on some album tour that no one cares about, Chris Brown's dubious comeback getting people anxious and Katy Perry just existing, is it possible for these two entities revel in sisterhood or will the former allow the latter to be the patriarchy's bitch?
Fans of pop culture juggernaut Lady Gaga are in for a treat this week with the launch of new social network LittleMonsters.com, an online community thought up by Gaga's manager Troy Carter.
Have you ever noticed while watching Hollywood blockbusters how most of the calamities and disasters take place in the United
The news of Morrissey's possible retirement was always unlikely to knock the Eurozone crisis off the front page. Why should we care?