Pop Culture

Paul Simon's Short Little Span of Attention For a while now I've heard Paul Simon's song "You Can Call Me Al" https://www.youtube.com
Legendary photographer Terry O'Neill and luxury furniture brand Jimmie Martin have collaborated on a project to design 10 functional but unique haute couture furniture pieces.
A Cambridge student has been granted permission base his dissertation on a rather unusual subject - pop princess Lady Gaga
People can be as snobby as they want about Gary - but there's no doubt this man can put on a show-stopping performance. Of course Mark Owen, Jason Orange and Howard Donald were missed - but they're off having a well-earned holiday while Gary continues to thrive on his charity projects.
There is some criticism of Ian Brown's voice, but in Manchester we don't have singers we have communicators - the only person from that generation who could sing properly was Mick Hucknall - I rest my case...Ian Brown is a communicator, he will walk on that stage and 75,000 people will understand.
Just over a week ago in the immediate aftermath of major rioting, NME Editor Krissi Murison produced an article for The Observer, lamenting a lack of political content/youth representation in contemporary music.
There has been a lot of discussion about the differentiation between life online and life out in the world but maybe as the Internet assimilates itself with popular culture and society the distinction will no longer exist.