Pop Music

Mark Ronson has admitted he initially said no to making a legacy album to Amy Winehouse - because he was still mourning her
Faster than you can say, "JLS in boat shoes and thrift store plaid shirts", the pop world has become obsessed with indie. If you're both an Animal Collective enthusiast and shameless pop fanatic like me, you'll notice it feels a bit weird. Like watching your best friend get off with a work colleague at your own birthday party.
Lady Gaga opened the huge Children in Need show in typically stylish fashion and with a trio of her biggest hits. Wearing
The professional singers are skewered because they chose to work on their craft rather than whore themselves on reality TV, wiping away the tears after revealing how their grandmother got a paper cut in WW2 then proceed to butcher a Queen song to the slavish applause of the crowd.
As I said in my last post, music is at its all time lowest state, with pretend dance and fake urban tunes plus meaningless lyrics and no groove clogging up our charts like a festering turd in the u-bend of a public latrine.
Hipster hatred is a bizarre phenomenon. A hipster hater sees an environmentally conscious individual who enjoys fine art
The music now is just a selection of rave presets we used to listen to in the 90s along with beats so weak they wouldn't challenge clock radio speakers. David Guetta is everywhere, ruining everything he touches. Kanye West has decided to become a singer. Cher Lloyd is...oh balls to her. Matt Cardle is...nah, balls to him too.
Today's show is a radio thing for KROQ, who have been behind Coldplay here in the States since the very word go. The band are playing in a tiny black box room with a crowd that Chris points out is smaller than at their first ever show
The early eighties were the high watermark for electronic music. A new wave of electronic synthesisers appeared in the late
Just over a week ago in the immediate aftermath of major rioting, NME Editor Krissi Murison produced an article for The Observer, lamenting a lack of political content/youth representation in contemporary music.