pope francis I

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"Daddy, why are we waiting a whole hour to see a new pope?" my 13 year-old daughter asks as I rush back and forth from the kitchen, where I am cooking dinner, to the sitting-room, anxious not to miss the first glimpse of the newly elected pope on SKY television.
Pope Francis has called for Catholics to bring “evangelisation to the ends of the earth” in an address to the cardinals in
So what does this all mean for non-Catholics? Well, probably not a lot. For most people, Pope Francis is just another old man who should really be on a golf course in Florida somewhere, enjoying retirement. And yet we all tuned into the news when the signal was given that a new pope had been elected.
Jorge Mario Bergoglio has come out of literally nowhere (Argentina) to become the first new Pope since the last one. But
In his final papal audience, Pope Benedict XVI spoke of the moments of struggle as well as joy during his nearly eight years
The election of Pope Francis I has been welcomed as "a momentous day". Minutes after the new pope addressed the crowd gathered
Of all the contenders to replace Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires was little mentioned. The
Argentinian cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio has been elected as the new leader of the Catholic church to succeed Pope Benedict