Pope Francis

During Pope Francis' historic visit to the Arabian Peninsula, two young fans broke through the security barrier to greet the Pontiff. This was the first Papal mass ever held in the region and was attended by 180,000 Christians and Muslims, according to Emirati authorities.
The popular mayor was fatally stabbed six days ago.
Bosses claim the pontiff “pulled the rug” from beneath them.
Pope Francis had a good chuckle during his general audience at Vatican City, as a small boy broke through security and ran around on stage. The crowd-pleaser then on went to pull the sleeve of a Swiss guard on the podium, to check if he was real.
The pontiff also prayed for all victims of clerical sex abuse.
The Pope was met by protesters in Ireland today as he spoke of his shame and pain at church abuse scandals
In 1979 over a million people gathered in Phoenix Park to witness Pope John Paul II celebrate Mass. Pope Francis is expected to draw significantly smaller crowds. But then, a lot has changed in Ireland between Pope visits.
Crowds are expected to be less than half what they were in 1979, during the last papal visit.
Truth and justice for victims in Northern Ireland is long overdue. Theresa May should act where Pope Francis has failed