Pope John Paul II

In 1979 over a million people gathered in Phoenix Park to witness Pope John Paul II celebrate Mass. Pope Francis is expected to draw significantly smaller crowds. But then, a lot has changed in Ireland between Pope visits.
Former Democratic Unionist Party leader Dr Ian Paisley, who passed away today, was renowned as a political firebrand. When
A holy relic containing the blood of Pope John Paul II has been stolen from a church in San Pietro Della Lenca, in central
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Late former Pope John Paul II is to be made a saint, the Vatican has confirmed. The decision was made after a second miracle
The Catholic Church’s leading exorcist says he will ask Pope Francis to grant all priests the power to perform the ritual
Reports are swirling that Pope Francis was filmed performing an exorcism after Sunday’s Pentecost Mass. Footage of the Pope
By resigning, rather than dying in office, Pope Benedict has at last earned his place in the history books alongside his predecessor, making a unique contribution that no one could have imagined.
The man who shot the pope in 1981 has claimed that he was instructed to carry out the assassination by Ayatollah Ruhollah
A former popemobile could ride out its retirement as a party venue for hen nights, stag dos and corporate meetings in a new