Poll findings come amid a dramatic rise in the popularity of anti-vaxx social media pages and channels since the coronavirus outbreak.
Being unpopular made me tough as hell. I got used to incessant criticism, of myself and everything I did. It stopped bothering me to the same degree. When you are the class whipping girl, every aspect of your existence is a problem to someone. It taught me to pay attention to the misfits, the people on the fringe, the purple cows. After all, I was one of them. I still am.
A nomadic childhood allowed me to witness the various ways in which people bond, communicate, disagree, conceive of the social, and form friendships while also lending me a certain objective distance, a detachment of sorts, from the very lives I observed.
On Monday, the Green Party unveiled their new campaign poster in Westminster, boasting a rich, emerald green where the MP of Brighton Pavillion Caroline Lucas and party leader Natalie Bennett stand, both with beaming smiles and the tagline: What are you afraid of boys? - I like it...
Today, our politicians are rarely associated with philanthropy. Indeed, perhaps the most famous carer for the needy is the Manchester City footballer Mario Balotelli, who is renowned for driving around dishing out cash to random strangers.
The majority of Labour supporters think Ed Miliband has been an 'average' leader, according to a survey by the grassroots