Populism is on the rise, not just here in Britain but globally. It's no good dismissing it, ignoring it or attacking it. It's no good ridiculing, insulting or bullying populist voters. We need to understand how populist parties have changed over the decades and why modern populist parties are gaining ground.
While there are good reasons for liberal populists to be disillusioned, the solution is not to abandon representative democracy but to reinforce it. The liberal populism of Grillo and his ilk must be confronted before it's too late.
Unemployment in the eurozone is at historic highs. Economic growth data are equally depressing while confidence is low among producers and consumers. In short, the stock market rallies of recent months are premature.
Few Europeans in northern countries understand that to keep Greece economically alive (for now) is in their own interest. A domino effect unleashed by a chaotic Greek default will have devastating consequences.