It’s not rare, it’s not fringe ― and it’s terrorism more often than you think.
Police arrested a 35-year-old man with white supremacist ties after the attack.
A couple of days ago I found a job in an Irish bar in Portland. It's a chain with sites also in San Francisco and Seattle. I fully grasp the full extent of how archetypal I am in my choice of establishments. Just what the world needs - another Irish waitress in another Irish/American bar.
A heatwave had descended on Portland and the irony that I left NYC to escape its steaming sidewalks did not elude me. But here we were with a real bed to sleep in, a kitchen in which to cook our 89 cent broccoli rice and a shower heaving under the weight of copious bottles of shampoo and conditioner..score!
Hundreds of sex toys have been spotted dangling from power lines in Portland, Oregon. Specifically, large white and orange
Starbucks has started trialling a test in Portland, Oregon that'll let you open up the Starbucks app, choose your drink and
It's when flying in a tiny aircraft, where the entire side of the plane seems like one elongated window, that you notice the landscape all around you: the sky, the forests, clouds and the sea. And on a clear sunny day, with no mist rising from the ocean surrounding the islands, it is possible to see for miles and miles in every direction.
I had been selected by Nike Running to join a team that had carefully been put together from all over the world to run from Mount Hood to the Pacific Ocean. Our team was called 'We run free!' After a delicious dinner to get to know my fellow runners my bubble was burst.
Last month marked the 100th anniversary of Charlie Chaplin's first film. In tribute to the man George Bernard Shaw called "the only genius of motion pictures" I made a pilgrimage to the exact place where he signed his first film contract and his incredible cinematic journey began.
Police have created a new contender for the world's worst e-fit. Authorities in Portland, Oregon, have a sketch of a man
A robbery suspect who accidentally shot himself in the testicles has been arrested. Joseph Johnson was charged with robbery
What if you could be openly welcomed with both your lovers at the local chemist... what if coming out as trans, queer or poly was simply one of many choices during adolescence... what if going to a dungeon to play kinky games on a Saturday night was as accepted as going out for a curry... What would the world look like?
Food is taken extremely seriously in Portland, Oregon, with the idea of sustainability and seasonality high on the agenda in this part of the Pacific North West.
Now here’s something you don’t see every day - not even in the run up to The Hobbit's release. It's Gandalf. On a unicycle
It's been a period to remember, or maybe just try to remember. We've traveled thousands of miles and met so many incredible people whilst taking in these incredible experiences.
Former Number 10 communications chief Alastair Campbell is joining respected PR firm Portland to work for his old deputy