In the history of Western Art so often the female is the beautiful muse, or mere adornment to an image. Typically she lacks power, profile or status. But in this photograph, whilst the female is turned away from the lens, her face obscured by a wig and seemingly gazing at the male subject of the photo, her clothing suggests all is not quite as it seems. For on the back of the sequinned jacket writ large across the pink heart is the name CORBYN.
Christopher Biggins, already the favourite to win this year's Celebrity Big Brother is best known as a media personality
"The Hen" See the complete series at www.rominaressiaph.com "Rhythmic Gymnast with ball" "Rhythmic Gymnasts" "The Fencer
Emily Sandberg, 33, model, blogger and actress Freed, 62, is an advertising and editorial photographer who has worked with
Microsoft has launched its new tablet with the help of ballpoint pen artist James Mylne, who has recreated three celebrated
Today it is 200 years since Norway's constitution law was signed on the 17 May 1814. At the time it was considered to be one of the most liberal democratic constitutions and today it is the third oldest constitution law in the world...
"First and foremost, I'm a painter a painter before anything else, not just a portrait painter. I love the texture and feel of paint." Despite this self-assertion and his professed love of abstraction, Diarmuid Kelley has become best known for his portraits.
Taxpayers ask a great deal of their MPs. We want them to fix their pot holes, resolve their planning disputes and somehow stop people parking where they shouldn't. We also want them to represent our views fairly in Parliament - no matter how divided those views maybe. The one thing we didn't ask for was a whacking great picture of them in case we forget their good deeds or looks.
The artist Jessica McDermott spent six years working at the Stand Comedy Club in Glasgow whilst studying for her undergraduate degree at Glasgow School of Art. Recently, as part of the Glasgow Comedy Festival, McDermott photographed former colleagues and bar staff at comedy nights throughout Glasgow for her project, 'You Must Love Working Here'.
When the BBC commissioned documentary film maker Jane Hilton to make “Love for Sale” 13 years ago, the 10-part series on