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For anyone creating a portrait, there is a simple choice to be made: am I going to tell the truth? From Renaissance painters
A portrait of a nude woman has beaten more than 2,000 paintings to win a £25,000 art prize. US artist Aleah Chapin's large
If Charlotte Caron, a French artist working out of Rennes, asked to take your photo, you might be very flattered. You might
Female admirers have often thought he was a bit tasty. But Prince William has now been turned into a giant edible work of
I have been photographing the Chatsworth Road area in Hackney, London, since 2007, but decided to turn it into a more expansive project after the riots last summer. The project aims to honour and celebrate the people of the neighbourhood, giving locals a face and a voice.
So for all the wonderful privileges that being the in-house photographer for The Fly magazine brings, the greatest challenge for me is constantly coming up with new ideas for shoots to best represent the huge array of fantastic musical artists the title constantly features.
I met Elijah a couple of weeks back when I started shooting images at the Occupy LSX camp at St Paul's Cathedral. I was photographing Indigo, his girlfriend as she sat in the entrance of their tent. Elijah was inside, in the shadows, embellishing some of Indigo's answers to my questions, as I took shot after shot of her.
For many boxing fans, watching Muhammad Ali was akin to witnessing a piece of art, or poetry in motion. In his pomp Ali would
Clapton Portraits is a week-long photographic project celebrating local people from Clapton E5 from 27 November - 3 December. It's a not for profit community enterprise and part of a major documentary project of the Chatsworth Road area which I have been working on since 2007.