Christopher Biggins, already the favourite to win this year's Celebrity Big Brother is best known as a media personality
Taking images of people holding an intention has been a privilege, often a humbling one and requires skilful holding and caretaking - something I am learning more about as I go on. There is the delicate art of when and how I intervene and how I steer the shoot. It isn't only about what I want to see; it's about what wants to be seen.
What did Anne Boleyn look like? According to the distinguished historian Eric Ives, the Anne depicted on the reconstructed commemorative medal pictured below is "as close to the real Anne Boleyn as we shall ever be able to get."...
Professional photographer Tim Tadder has a unique slant on the traditional idea of a headwear - he uses balloons and a high
That success has led to more than 50 commissions for pieces that he sell for up to £5,000 to £10,000 depending on the scale
We've always been fans of artist Lionel Smit's bright, bold work, so we're pleased the South African artist has returned
Like Freud before Heimans, Annie Leibovitz with her dark photographic take, or the purpling rigamortis skin of Antony Williams' 1996 effort, this painting, like all before, fails to tell us anything meaningful about the monarch.
Photography captures a moment, but what if you could capture more than that? Photographer Christoffer Relander does just
Jemma Phipps' portrait of the Duke A new portrait of the Duke of Edinburgh is going on display this week. Philip is depicted
Tony Lewis, by Jamie Routley, is shortlisted in this year's BP Portrait Award The BP Portrait Award returns to London's National