positive action

It's high time for Labour to trash their prejudiced shortlists, and favour a meritocracy where women are allowed to achieve without the nature of their success being questioned. They can move equality in politics forward, or they can carry on setting it back indefinitely. I'm sure the leadership will settle for the latter.
It's not wrong that the disgusting behaviour of the Rugby Club is under scrutiny, but it is wrong that positive action by the university on outreach and funding for students in need of support is apparently not worth mention - especially when it's the sort of information some students need in order to feel able to go into further study.
I think the majority of us want to see positive action against the 'glass ceiling' for women in the corporate world. It's about time sensible people ran our big corporations. However, we have an equally divisive 'glass floor' for men, which is not recognised, and yet it is causing just as much damage.