I learnt what a white lie was in a Sainsbury's car park when I was about seven. Someone asked my Mother whether she had any
In a world marked by growing authoritarianism, increasing and entrenched ideological differences which demand assent rather
It is up to us to couple the expert opinion with our own accumulation of information in order to reach our own individual ideas, achieve our own success and attain fulfilment in any area that we choose to turn our minds to.
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I've been reflecting on the announcement from Oxford Dictionaries that, courtesy of Brexit and the election of Donald Trump
In 2015, the realities of "post-truth politics" began to hit home for Junior Doctors. Politicians began commenting on all matters NHS with such authority that it had to be true, right? Junior doctors may work in the system, but trust your politicians with the oversight of this national treasure, they know best.
The liberal media are as guilty of post-truth as anyone else, particularly focusing on people with impairments as a part of the new poor only they can protect from 'Trumpmania'. Post-truth is a central part of the general car crash of politics and society internationally we are currently witnessing, where people with impairments have particularly become a part of the casualty list.
Philip Hammond is having a gloomy day. For the past month he's hardly been out of his office. He's been pacing up and down
So the Oxford English Dictionary's 2016 Word of the Year has been announced. Where last year the word was actually a pictogram, the 'crying laughing face emoji', this year the word is a two-word phrase: Post-Truth.
We have to demand more of our media, and more of ourselves. We cannot just passively build our world view from entertaining and shocking stories. We must read widely, discuss loudly and hold those that lie to account.