Fear of change is why I think people look to others to fix them. They want to get better, but they don't want to change! How is that even logically possible? Change is uncomfortable, often emotionally so. The familiar is so inviting, it's "home".
Old injuries are often hindered from fully healing due to the way we hold tension, and the protection mechanisms we put in place (i.e. tension) for an acute injury often turn into secondary issues later on when we habituate that tension pattern beyond it's initial useful period.
Regular movement can help keep aches and pains at bay.
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We know sitting down all day in the same position is bad for our health. Even back in the 1950s researchers found London
Technology is everywhere in modern life. Whether we're spending our day in front of a computer screen in the office, watching Britain's Olympic hopefuls on TV or hunting for Pokémon on our smart phones, we are obsessed with the digital world. And the addiction's getting worse it seems. Experts recently suggested we are a nation in need of a 'digital detox'.
After millions of years of evolution you can rest assured that your postural reflexes work well enough if you don't interfere with them. You could say good posture is simply a lack of bad posture. Although good and bad are such judgemental words. You either have poise or you don't.
Simply put, when we are feeling power-full we expand in every sense - not just in body language, but in tone of voice. In power we slow down our speech, we increase the volume and become clearer in intonation of how we present our words.
Experts are urging women to pay more attention to their posture in order to limit the number of us suffering from back pain
As a Vlogger I can be sitting at a desk video editing for hours a day. This, even with my daily workouts, is putting a strain on my body. As I get older I'm feeling it more and more, and wonder what the point would be for me to workout so hard to get fit and then ruin it all from merely sitting incorrectly!
I am currently conducting a survey into confidence and one of the things I'm interested in is the way a person's body is when they lack confidence. They tend to slump, they withdraw physically, their head drops and their eyes look away.