Routine road maintenance budgets have fallen from £1.1 billion in 2009/10 to around £701 million in 2017/18.
The Department for Transport calculated that the money could resurface more than 1,000 miles of road.
The five things you need to know on Tuesday March 28, 2017… 1) ON THE FEAST OF STEVENS NHS chief executive Simon Stevens
A mystery street artist has taken a phallic approach to tackling what he describes as Manchester’s “appalling” pothole problem
Another five years of this neglect and falling investment will only make things worse. That's why Labour has set out a new and better plan to help all road users, including motorists, cyclists and bikers.
Changes to the Agency overseeing 2% of our road network (our motorways and "A Roads") will not fix the potholes that undermine road safety and blight everyday journeys for car drivers, motorcyclists, cyclists, and HGVs too...
Potholes can be a motorist's worst nightmare. Even the sound of driving over one is enough to merit a short intake of breath - oh no, the car! With the government's recent proposal to spend £6 billion on repairing potholes, this issue has once again entered the limelight. But what should motorists do if a pothole damaged their vehicle or caused a personal injury?
This brilliantly simple cycling lamp promises to do away with the dangers lurking potholes on dark roads. Rather than the
Councils need as much as £10.5 billion to bring Britain's "crumbling roads" back to a good condition, according to a report