Potty Training

9. Why don’t they come pre-programmed to do this stuff?  16. And conclude there really is only way to deal with this.  6
'We are a nappy-free zone (except for at night).'
Holly Willoughby has revealed her one-year-old son is already potty trained. Speaking on ‘This Morning’, Willoughby revealed
'Quick, get a photo for his 21st. Then rescue him.'
A mum woke from a nap to find her potty-training toddler had got himself into a bit of a pickle. Jess, a 32-year-old mum
I recall another mother who also had to potty train her daughter before she started pre-school and literally a few days before school was due to start she had a quiet conversation with her daughter and it all happened quite naturally - I was stunned.
Teaching two toddlers to use the toilet has turned me into somewhat of a birthing coach, except rather than bringing new life into the world, I deliver old, digested porridge into the sewer system. Here are seven similarities I've noticed between potty training and One Born Every Minute.
There are countless parenting blogs out there covering a wealth of standard topics like breastfeeding, which pram is the best to buy and how to manage toddler tantrums etc, but no one seems to have covered the subject of poo.
Speaking to expert midwives, I've heard that some mums are plunged into depression if they don't get to have their water birth they've dreamed of. But if your baby is breached, or has another medical emergency then be prepared to adapt and quickly for the sake of your unborn child.
Denise Van Outen isn't someone you'd expect to be tackling confidence problems. But her five-year-old daughter Betsy is quite