The pound has dropped to its lowest point for more than three months following reports that Theresa May is heading for a
As sterling falls to two-month low against the dollar
Theresa May has denied she’s backing a ‘Hard Brexit’ - and suggested the media is to blame for another sharp drop in the
Sterling has weakened against the Euro and US dollar after Prime Minister Theresa May failed to dispel speculation Britain
The new £1 coin comes into circulation in March this year and it is a striking example of how money is evolving and changing. The new coin is dubbed one of the most secure in the world due to a string of security features which are aimed at reducing the risk of counterfeit coins being produced.
  The Brexit-hit pound will diminish the UK’s economic power and send it crashing down the table of the world’s largest economies
Brexit, the rising cost of oil and increased global insecurity could have a dramatic effect on British holidaymakers in 2017
Due to the outcry against the new British animal fat £5 note, some shops have been refusing the note as tender. Reports show that customers even deny it for change. Perfect Solution: Reprint the new British £5 note with pumpkin seed oil.
Read more on The Huffington Post Karl Schamotta, director of FX research and strategy at Cambridge Global Payments, told
The pound had its best week since 2009 as it rallied with news of the High Court ruling on Article 50. Sterling surged from
Manufacturing output remained “on a firm footing” last month as the plunging pound boosted exports, but caused costs to rise
However, the next few years are going to be important because the negotiations with the EU will be key in ensuring the economy carries on growing and the actual impact once we officially leave the European Union will determine if there will be a recession or not and if we would have been better off in or out of the European Union.
'Without a doubt we’ll be going to the Supreme Court.'