poverty alleviation

The repercussions of the South African Social Security Agency's illegal contract with CPS being terminated are still hitting the country's poorest hardest.
"As a society, we need to ask ourselves what can we do to ensure that those living in poverty are given the tools to work their way out of their situations."
In its myopia, the ANC frequently congratulates itself for increasing the number of grants beneficiaries rather than creating decent jobs for them.
The depth and extent of poverty in South Africa is becoming increasingly intersectional.
We see and engage with poverty through the people with whom we interact, we can make a difference right there.
Some 24 years post democracy and still, the education system is not accessible to the poor.
Not everyone finds black tax to be a burden.
Busting "social grants are a waste of money" and other pervasive and wrong myths you've seen in your social media feeds.
The government is set to announce that it will slash the £280m aid budget to India amidst criticism that giving vast sums