There are still too many African leaders addicted to power — even one as effective and beloved as Paul Kagame won't institute term limits.
The National Energy Regulator of SA has warned power utility Eskom that it will not be open to steep tariff increases in the future.
This is the time to talk about what has happened in the past and what was a violation of your human rights and dignity.
When engaging the subject of patriarchy, we rarely acknowledge the contribution women make in endorsing this evil.
Describing an area as a ghetto is also dehumanising, for it allows those in positions of authority to overlook individuals and simply create boxes within which to put communities in. If we wish to create a cohesive society, one in which all are valued, it's about time the negative labelling of areas stopped.
What isn't remembered or talked about is how much money we made, how big our house was, what car we drove, how successful we were in our career, or anything else acquired through money, status and power, and yet many of us spend a disproportionate amount of our time and effort trying to "succeed" at these things.
A Background The debate about whether blacks can or cannot be racist is one which has persisted in social and political theory
The massive mountain of gender bias and inequality won't disappear overnight. It's taken centuries to build, and it will
Chairman of the U.S. oversight committee Jason Chaffetz has yet to follow through on investigating the White House.
Head to Charing Cross Road, work your way through the buzz of people and languages, and then take a right just before you