Against all previous form, I took part in a round of the X Factor this week. It was the familiar mix of competing styles and contingent emotion, followed by measures of first kind then merciless appraisal. My group didn't win: our blend of British "existential angst" with bold Brazilian overtones lost out and we were sent home.
"We are not weak women. We are not slaves. We can not give up. We cannot surrender," Moamar Gaddafi said in the message broadcast
The economic crisis is proving useful for those who want to see the European Union make the final and logical leap to becoming a unitary state, with a single currency and a single government.
There are numerous aspects of the religion I was brought up in which annoy and even anger me. Perhaps the most undesirable
When it comes to these older men and their unusual drive, they bring a testosterone-fueling need for power to the table in their rise to power, but once they have it, that keeps the testosterone flowing.
We've all seen the headlines about cheating footballers and love-rat actors - recent reports about celebrity super-injunctions